Wynter Snow, biography

I began writing at the age of six—a play—and have continued in one fashion or another ever since.

The three short stories published here were done “for practice and for fun.” I hope you enjoy them, and welcome any comments/feedback you want to share. All three have been read in Second Life, where my screen name is Arianthe Galicia.

I recently finished and am marketing a fantasy novel, Escape from Darkness, about a young woman escaping from slavery in a world where magic is real. I am also the author of TeX for the Beginner, published by Addison-Wesley in 1991, which is still available through Amazon.

Growing up in Greenwich Village (in New York City) was a wonderful experience. I walked to the local public library, attended public schools, and “commuted” to both ballet school in mid-Manhattan and the Bronx High School of Science. I came to Boston to attend Harvard University, and aside from a brief stint away while married, have lived in this area ever since. I currently reside in central Massachusetts with three musicians and an elderly dog.

My home was always filled with books, and I discovered science fiction and fantasy novels while in high school. My love of these genres continued through college and adulthood. My favorite authors include Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ursula Le Guin, Andre Norton and Barbara Hambly.

My future writing plans include a series based on the Tarot featuring a naive young succubus.

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